Field Trip Follow up – Laurel Burch

We had a really fun field trip to Cat Depot in Sarasota, FL. This amazing no-kill shelter is temporary home to over 100 cats and kittens. It is a model shelter and has gained national attention for being so outstanding. We were so impressed – it was spotless and had no smell! You wouldn’t even know there was one cat there, let alone 100!

The cats were very well cared for and the set ups were impressive. We had fun visiting each suite and socializing with the cats and kittens.

We saw some Laurel Burch art in the gift shop and so this past week we did a lesson. Wow – she led an amazing life. Truly inspiring. Both the kids and I were awed to learn she left home at age 14 with a bone disease and set out on her own. She made a great success from her art via pure hard work. An inspiring life story and equally inspiring art.

We took the time to review each gallery on her site and really appreciate her style. They are whimsical but sophisticated all at once.

The kids really enjoyed doing a version of a Laurel cat. We used the guidance from rainbowskiesanddragonflies blog. We spent so much time learning about Laurel Burch, the kids kind of phoned in the art on this one. But it was fun never-the-less. E took it a bit further and added some detail.

I may revisit this in the future when we do a zentangle lesson.

Laurel Burch homeschool art

K’s Laurel Burch cat

Laurel Burch Homeschool Art

E’s Laurel Burch Cat


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