Halloween Tower of Terror! :-)

This was a really involved project but we enjoyed the relaxed spread out pace. I saw this adorable tower of Halloween characters in a Pier One catalog. I thought it would be really fun to make our own.

We started by doing papier mache. I was surprised neither kid loved getting all messy. Well, I guess not really. But we did have fun in the heat out on the lanai covering three balloons each for our tower. However, one bonus … using the balloons inspired K to try out a science experiment he had seen on youtube. He pierced a balloon with a wooden skewer without it popping. Very cool!

We hung those to dry and the next day spray painted them all a base coat of white. NOTE: Do not use a combined primer and spray paint. It was drippy and messy and covered very unevenly.

We then painted each section., then made our spiders with Styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners and finally – hot glued them all together on a painted wooden base. E said her jack-o-lantern has freckles just like hers! We both decided our spiders were going dressed as clowns! K said his were too cool to trick-or-treat.

They are really sooo cute! And are standing guard over our dining table while we eat. The kids really enjoyed the process of this and I liked the relaxed pace. Although I’m not sure we’ll be doing papier mache again soon!

Halloween Tower at Leornian Creative School


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