Color Theory – Lesson 1

So why not start the year off with color theory. Everyone learns it and it’s reviewed every year. But it’s a great refresher and we had fun doing the projects.

I found this EXCELLENT site that has great information on color theory. We started our lesson by reading aloud from

We then discussed the color wheel for a bit and started our projects. I decided not to do a colorwheel but use the spectrum colors for the background and do a gradation. Our projects were inspired by this amazing blog:

I think they were very successful!

K’s was neat because it looked like the sun fading into the water.

Homeschool Art Lesson

E decided to make hers 3-D and left her cat’s heart tail swaying!

Homeschool Art Lesson

I copied E and made my 3D, too. My faves – seahorse.

Homeschool Art Lesson


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